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Who is Carlos F-Major?

Carlos makes music that You don't find elsewhere. He's got a style by his own - sometimes it's like blues, sometimes like jazz, sometimes it's just strange but mostly you can't put it in some box and write some genre on it. It's his own music, it's up to You if you  understand it or not - like it or hate it. Good luck!

Carlos improvises: most of the songs have been made and recorded straight at the studio. Some of the songs have been made of poems or themes of songs recorded earlier by singing the theme when you got the inspiration.

The music of Carlos F-Major have been used as background music on some documentaries and short films.

As You probably guessed, Carlos F-Major is an artist name. But You can find contact information on our pages.

Hoping You'll enjoy the ride! 

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Film Music by Carlos F-Major:

Osaava Verme Peer Group Mentoring For Teachers (in English) 2012


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2012: The Battle of Our Energy Future (Part 1-2)


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2014: The Toad Movie - Part 1 Pond's Calling


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2016: Erkki Kalmari - The Pioneer in Distributed Bio-gas Production


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There has been rumors that Carlos F-Major was born in Oztralandia - a distant country that nobody seems to know anything about. When I asked Carlos about this he was quite silent and just answered "You'll see!"

Well, perhaps we'll return on the subject in the future, perhaps not. But You can get some light on the question by listening to some of the songs of Carlos ....